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Public Housing

The Area Housing Commission Public Housing is a waiting list program that provides low income housing to families according to the date and time of the application. There are five (5) eligibility requirements for admission to public housing: qualifies as a family, has an income within the income guideline limits, meets citizenship/eligible immigrant criteria, provides documentation of Social Security numbers, and sign consent authorization documents. In addition, families must also meet the Area Housing Commission screening criteria to be admitted into public housing.

Applications are processed after the applicant’s name moves to the top of the waiting list of the bedroom size needed according to the date and time of the application. Screening of the head of household, dependent adults, and/or adult children will take place to determine eligibility and suitability. The screening includes varied background record searches, including rental and criminal history. After the screening of the application has been completed, the applicant will be required to come into the office for a personal interview. Then, a notification of eligibility or ineligibility status will be mailed to the address that is listed on the application.

It is necessary AHC has a current address and telephone number for contact. There is no immediate or emergency housing available. The expected waiting time for housing cannot be determined since housing only becomes available when a tenant family has vacated a unit. There is no anticipated or no expected time as to when a tenant family will vacate a unit; therefore, the waiting list time for housing for any bedroom size unit is variable. There are no units kept in a holding inventory status. At this time, the wait list is closed to accepting one bedroom applications or one bedroom applicants needing a two bedroom unit for a live-in aide. Housing is determined by family size at the time of tenant selection for screening with consideration of other factors regarding the household.

Area Housing Commission Public Housing Properties:

  • Attucks Court
  • Moreno Court
  • Gonzalez Court
  • Camelia Court
  • “R” & Belmont
  • “J” Street
  • 6th Avenue
  • 8th Avenue
  • Hayne Street

For more information, please call 850-438-8561 ext 0.