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Area Housing Commission was established on August 9th, 1937, when the Pensacola City council adopted a resolution affirming the need for a housing authority for the City, pursuant to United States Housing Act of 1937. The law was enacted to provide financial assistance to the States and its political subdivisions for the elimination of slums, for the provision of safe, decent, and sanitary housing for lower income families; for the reduction of unemployment and the stimulation of business activity. On March 23, 1938, the Housing Authority of the City of Pensacola, Florida was organized as an autonomous body with its governing board of Commissioners being appointed by the Mayor, subject to the City Council’s confirmation. Currently, the Board of Commissioners comprise of five members: two appointed by the Pensacola City Council, two appointed by Escambia County Board of Commissioners, and one selected from the Tenants Association. Presently, Area Housing Commission manages 603 units and several properties under Section 8 throughout the City of Pensacola and Escambia County.