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Area Housing Commission Staff

Board of Commissioners:

Chairperson Phyllis Sims: 850-432-6606
Vice-Chairperson Timothy Evans: 850-434-5456
Commissioner Lumon May: 850-595-4930

Dwight Watson: 850-433-5708
John Carrell: 850-619-3624


Administration/Senior Managers Staff:

Abe Singh – Executive Director
Shirley Henderson - Deputy Executive Director / Director of Social Services
Elsa Sapp – Chief Financial Officer
Sharon Hackett – Administrative Assistant
Andrew Dale – Modernization Coordinator
Arnesha Nuniss – Senior Property Manager
Linda Cotton – Housing Inspector
Donald Lofland – Maintenance Facility Manager
Ernest Stroman – Maintenance Supervisor
Craig Wilkins Sr. – Lead Maintenance Mechanic

Support Staff:

Pamela Green and Paula Bradley – Human Services Specialist
Jordan Webb- Maintenance Administrative Assistant
Sandra Spencer – Supply Clerk

Brenda Hale – Accounts Payable Specialist
Mary Brown - Receptionist